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Make the most of your Tax Return

Understanding tax laws is no easy task and if you don't have the right advice your likely to be paying too much of your hard earned income to the tax office.

CGSL Accounting are experienced Geelong accountants with a deep understanding of tax code and laws.
Our experience means that we are constantly delivering accurate and valuable tax advice to help you from start to finish. This means come tax time you don't have to stress, our focus is on helping you achieve the best possible out comes.

CGSL Accounting personal service means you will be kept up to date on the progress of your tax return, informing you how much you will receive and when will you receive it. This means if you have a big purchase or holiday plans you can make them with confidence.

If you paid less than $750.00 PAYGW(Tax Withheld) you will only be charged 10% of the amount paid for completion of your Taxation Return - if you only have a small Part Time Job and Paid $150.00 PAYGW - then you will only be charged $15.00 for your Taxation Return.

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